In our offices, we provide patients with the following services:

In the field of Thyroid and Parathyroid disorders

lancaster endocrinology, charlotte, north carolina, thyroid ultrasounds, parathyroid glands ultrasoundThyroid Ultrasound

This study offers painless imaging of the thyroid that can provide detailed information about the size and structure. It uses high-frequency sound waves which are not audible by the human ear. It helps diagnose a lump and differentiate between solid and cystic lesions. It may be used to guide the insertion of the needle. The examination is generally completed within 30 minutes. Preparation: No special preparation is required. You will be asked to remove any jewelry from the neck area. The patient is positioned lying face-up on a study table.

Parathyroid Glands Ultrasound

This study is performed similarly to the thyroid ultrasound and is generally requested to help with the localization of an abnormal gland or glands before the anticipated surgery

Thyroid Biopsy

This is a safe and effective procedure used to help distinguish between benign and malignant lumps. A fine needle attached to a syringe is placed a few times into a lump under sonographic guidance (or without it) and specimen is aspirated. Slides are prepared and sent to the cytology department for special staining and evaluation under a microscope. If a lump is a cyst, the fine needle aspiration can be curative. The procedure is completed generally within 15 minutes. Preparation: Patients should be fasting for at least 2-3 hours. Patients with bleeding disorders or taking medications affecting bleeding (eg warfarin, aspirin, clopidogrel) should be advised about a special preparation a few days prior to the procedure. All patients are asked to sign a consent form.


In the field of Diabetes

insulin pump therapy, blood glucose monitoring, ecg, spirometryInsulin pump therapy

We assist patients with comprehensive care, involving the application process, training, start up, and follow up, including troubleshooting. We work with all major insulin pump devices found on the market today.

Continuous blood glucose monitoring

This is an FDA-approved device inserted under the skin and used for monitoring of blood glucose around the clock. This device can work together with or independent of insulin pumps.


This test is used to measure pulmonary function, including volume and velocity of inhaled or exhaled air. It helps in the guiding of patients with h/o asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In our practice, spirometry is an important tool to assess the effects of smoking.